Comprehensive due diligence for durable risk mitigation.

For firms with existing complex global supply chains, we conduct DeepDiligence audits enhancing your supply chain through impact tracing, HRDD and risk mitigation strategies. This keeps you ahead of evolving regulations and fulfills your commitment to responsible practices. 

For firms venturing into challenging markets, we conduct comprehensive DeepDiligence assessments of all the socio-political, security, and human rights dynamics that must be considered as you design your operational footprint. 

We tailor our services to the specific operating environment, industry, and situation on the ground offering varied levels of investigations based on our client’s needs. 


Rapid response to the unforeseen.

Whether reacting to reputational crises, geopolitical shifts, natural disasters, or humanitarian incidents impacting your supply chains, we rapidly deploy a DeepCrisis situational assessment on the ground. We go beyond the surface to give you robust investigative information at speed, mitigation recommendations, and crisis communications advice.

The mitigations are often challenging and fast moving so we stay with you, and your communication teams, through the crisis and in the aftermath.


Understanding digital ecosystems.

We help governments, businesses, and development agencies navigate opportunities and risks within countries’ digital ecosystems. Through our digital ecosystem sector assessments, we map trends within the digital economy, digital inclusion, use of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, and focus on the abuse of digital tools by illicit actors. 

We then help you design your traceability approach to mitigate digital risks and maximize operational efficiency whilst curbing the digital divide. 


Building reputations through evidence and storytelling.

In today's conscientious landscape, customers, staff, stakeholders and investors increasingly seek transparency and meaningful engagement with the brands they support. We work closely with you in transforming the stories and data collected from your supply chain risk assessment into engaging written and visual content.

We use our network of local communications strategists, filmmakers and photographers with a deep understanding of their own communities to capture the essence of your operations.  We  produce high-quality content, including immersive mini-documentaries, impactful videos, engaging stories and captivating imagery that paints a vivid picture of your supply chain. These assets become a window into your world, allowing customers to connect with your brand, understand your values, and connect with the places where your products are sourced.


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