The confidence to operate no matter how challenging the environment.

Deep Trace is a global risk consultancy specializing in human rights due diligence and supply chain impact tracing particularly in the most difficult situations.


Amid a rapidly evolving landscape of human rights due diligence (HRDD) directives and ESG compliance regulations, businesses are left vulnerable to commercial, reputational, and legal risks stemming from supply chain blindspots. The more challenging the operating environment, the more acute the need. 

At Deep Trace, we understand the urgency and gravity of these challenges. Specializing in industries and countries with the toughest sourcing challenges, we deliver impact tracing assessments and HRDD audits uncovering hidden risks and vulnerabilities within your supply chain. This includes human rights conditions, geopolitical dynamics, security threats, digital risks, and environmental impacts. 

Our Approach: Supply chain impact tracing for HRDD and risk mitigation.

Using our extensive networks of trusted experts on-the-ground, we leverage their knowledge to identify risks that algorithms can’t reach. We then combine our meticulous field investigations with advanced digital intelligence to provide you with robust risk mitigation strategies responsive to current and emerging threats on the ground and compliance tools adhering to complex local and international ESG and HRDD regulations. Through stories and short films, we also provide evidence that provides visibility into the social and environmental dynamics on the ground that matter most to your consumers and shareholders.

We go beyond the indicators required by mandatory ESG requirements and HRDD laws, incorporating tailored indicators to keep you one step ahead. From Niger to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal to Myanmar, we know who to call upon to obtain the granular insights required for informed decision-making.


By leveraging our local expertise and digital intelligence, you can confidently meet your legal obligations, protect your reputation, instil trust among stakeholders, and underpin your operations in a manner that protects human rights and our environment.



We place the safety and needs of the communities in which we operate at the forefront of our work. Operating as a trusted and neutral partner, we collaborate closely with local experts, civil society, and marginalized groups to ensure assessments are fine-tuned to cultural and security dynamics. We place the safety and wellbeing of our staff and partners above all else, working with experts to incorporate tailored duty of care safeguards into all investigations. 

We recognize that data can be powerful, but also harmful if not collected and analyzed in line with the local context. That’s why we don’t use a one-size-fits all approach, instead working through our networks on the ground to ensure our data collection methods are culturally appropriate. We also recognize that certain communities may be underrepresented in data, and employ inclusive data disaggregation methods to highlight their unique needs while prioritizing their safety and anonymity. 


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