About us.


Deep Trace is a boutique, woman-owned, global business based between the United Kingdom, United States, and France, with extensive networks of experts and field coordinators ready for deployment across the globe.

Through our experts and trusted partners on the ground we bring a bottom-up approach to supply chain traceability to ensure global supply chains are embedded within local systems and resilient to shocks and stressors.

Our team, and advisory board, combine expertise across human rights due diligence, ESG compliance, security, digital traceability, global supply chains, and communications to navigate the complex world of supply chain traceability. 

The Founder.


Eugénie Lund-Simon

Eugénie is experienced in designing multi-million-dollar government-funded programs bridging economic growth, digital development, and stabilization in fragile contexts. Eugénie has developed human rights due diligence strategies for an investment program in conflict-affected zones of the Democratic Republic of Congo, supported the design of stabilization programs in Haiti and Burkina Faso, and helped track digital misinformation campaigns by illicit actors in the Maghreb, France, the Sahel, and the Middle East. She is particularly passionate about improving human rights conditions within apparel and jewelry supply chains.


Letter from the team.

We wanted to take a moment to share our personal journey and the driving force behind Deep Trace. Our paths converged while working on initiatives to drive private sector development, digital development, and inclusive economic growth in conflict-affected and challenging contexts in Africa and Asia. We realized that whilst the most beautiful things in the world are often created in some of the most demanding environments for workers, there was an intelligence gap in bottom-up supply chain traceability led by local communities first and algorithms second.

Our mission is to fill that gap by helping companies balance their purpose and profit with their responsibility to the local communities they source from. By focusing on risk mitigation and early warning systems, we help ensure HRDD and ESG compliance is not just a check mark but an operational asset baked into companies’ ways of doing business, even when the spotlight is not shining on them.

We were concerned that within the ubiquitous ESG mantra, Social and Governance dynamics are often placed on the backburner. The raft of new legislation has often resulted in a ‘tick-box’ compliance exercise at the expense of the real reason for supply chain traceability – that responsible business is ultimately better business. 

This led us to creating DeepTrace helping businesses do better and be better.

We embrace the commercial and the compelling, recognizing that workers, consumers, and stakeholders all demand, and expect, authentic evidence that is shared without spin.

Please come and join us on this mission.


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